Has it come down to the last day? Well they do say all good things come to an end. But this one will require a lot more better things to start!

Do not let your blogging momentum drop. Create a content calendar, book mark days for your posts and more importantly ensure that the reading spree you have embarked upon does not slip down.

What else can we send you off with? What more tips? What better advice?

Wait, let us surprise you ! This Wednesday at prime time of Indian Twitter – 8.30 PM IST we tune into Blogchatter discussing:

Daily Blogging Challenges

An hour of questions, queries and lots of learning. Do not forget to join in with your Half Marathon’s live stories and also to get back a way ahead on better blogging through daily blogging challenges !

For now, connect your post below for one last time this Half Marathon and indulge again in the pool of blogs below

In case you need some color to go with your content, may we offer you this image: