It is now Wednesday! Albeit midnight. So happy to announce that once again Prime Time of the week has arrived.

The Blogchatter Day!

If you have arrived here and found us then there is a good chance you met us over at twitter as well. Place where we own a buzzing community and a million conversations. Most of which find space in our posts, in workshops and in rare times even at candid blogger lunches.

How can you direct this awesomeness for your own benefit? How can a twitter chat (such as Blogchatter) benefit you?

Navigating twitter is a task for many. Finding your voice and relevant listeners take many years and even more 140 characters at a time. So what do we do?

We tune into a twitter chat relevant to our interests and make connections. In an hour’s time you would have had enough engagement online than any other time spent on social media.

Why this helps you in daily blogging? Because here through your profile they also discover your blogging imprint and in due course add to your readership.

What are you waiting for? Book time with us tonight. 8.30 PM IST discussing Facebook & Personal brand

Connect your day five posts below and read as many (best all!) as you can through our mix.

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