You may not know it but we have almost reached the first Monday of our challenge! And Mondays at Blogchatter are a lot of fun. There is MicroBlog and then some chitter-chatter and of course announcement of our new Blogstar.

So again, LOTS OF FUN!

We trended again and that becomes a further more reason for us to celebrate.

How do you trend? Or rather what trends? A hashtag.

Hence in social media content’s best marketing tool is a HASHTAG! Coin your own, connect to some popular ones or create a community specific one and watch your traffic grow. Your clout in world of social media grow.

Hashtags normally shouldn’t be overdone lest it makes the content look bleak. And always used in relevance so as to not make a reader confused on the content’s real intent.

Why are we suggesting you this? Because in world of daily blogging any marketing is great marketing.

Use correct hashtags while sharing your posts so as to attract relevant traffic!

By the way are you using #DailyChatter in your posts while sharing? We are keeping track you know!

Connect your post below and increase your tribe by reading others linked below !

In case you need some colors in your post you can use this image.