How was the weekend? Did you play catch up? A lot of you must have found some great blogs and friends through the challenge, bookmark them necessarily for later. A weekend can always be used to do that!

So far have you been keeping a tab on numbers? Always good motivation to see them growing. In addition to the numbers also look for the posts that do better and make sure you draw some learning from them.

These simple things go a long way in pushing your blog to the next level.

In daily blogging challenges, reading is more important than creating content. Because community comes in full force during such times. So we suggest a brilliant idea to cater to time paucity and other issues- Keep a target of at least five blogs each day from the challenge. If you rotate the bloggers as well chances are you will be exposed to more people.

Ping us if you would like a tip on something or have an idea to share with us !

Connect your post below and try to take a deep dive in the pool of awesome blogs that have come through!

In case you need color for your posts may we offer you this image to use!