We at Blogchatter have been consistently promoting the idea of embarking upon daily blogging challenges every now and then to polish your writing as well as networking skills.

Eventually building a community around your words.

This July, you and we have signed up for fifteen days of blogging and in all it seems to be a fun ride already!

Though announced earlier as well, we are re-stressing that from our side 17th & 24th are holidays. You can still blog if you wish to but for completion of challenge the two days are not necessary.

Go ahead. Connect your Day one posts below. Make sure to create the right spirit of community you also read and share others in same bonhomie.

Kindly use the hashtag #DailyChatter in your posts to help us locate them better across social media!

But more importantly have fun while taking your blog to the next level !

You can use the below image in your posts in case you feel lack of colors around your content 😀