Building a personal brand is never a day’s job. But it can be a more effective twenty fours of updates if we know what needs to be done.

We have embarked on helping people build their personal brand online through Blogchatter Chat sessions. A lot of insightful views and learning have come by our way.

Today (or rather last night) we chatted up Personal Brand & Facebook. There was a lot of points that got thrown up but two that stood out most (and at large) were:

1 As a brand, Facebook’s large user base cannot be ignored and one necessarily needs to be a part of this medium

2 Consistent updates on Facebook through streamlined content can create an effective brand

Again through course of daily blogging employing multiple social media networks to spread content can be of great help. Many hands make the light bulb work always.

Today’s session also saw us putting up two goodies bags from Team Rangroute as prizes in celebration of their Facebook Page launch. You can check them on Twitter and Facebook to know how awesome their brand is!

We too are on Facebook and come like us (or hate us! ) we always enjoy engagement everywhere !

Connect your Day six post below and engage in the pool of blogs that is there to indulge in! Spread love through reading, commenting and shares to make this marathon a memorable one for you and your friends 🙂

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