Ten days of blogging everyday. That is quite an achievement peeps! Pat your back now.

Have you been jotting down all the new things you discovered over time? Also brought the ideas you had at the back of your mind to life? If not then there is still time. Use your daily challenges to pump up your blogging act.

Speaking of pumping your blogging act, what is our tip for today?

Have you tried to follow a pattern of writing? For example the way you break paragraphs, the point at which you do, the kind of emotion you leave a reader with, etc.

Keeping a similar theme will always help you to write consistently and also create a better recall value for your blog.

Try this today. End all posts with same line for the next five days. And see how you yourself begin to enjoy the idea of theme.

Connect your post below and make sure you take a deep dive in the pool of blogs that have found space around.

In case you need color why don’t you use this image below along with your post !