Thirteen days and counting ! Final count down to finish line begins now!

This challenge has thrown up some great reads for many of us, created buzz everywhere and more importantly pushed so many of you to take your blog to the next level. Did we expect all this?

Hell yeah! But did we expect that the celebration will be so big and carry on forever? No and that credit goes to you and your enthusiasm.

What is our tip for today?

Have you ever checked a a fellow blogger through their comment alone? And perhaps found it difficult to locate them and their blog?

Sometimes it is easy if you create a signature in your comment for others to find you easily.

It goes like this: <a href=””>Blogchatter</a>  Modify this according to your blog URL and name.

Go ahead connect your post below and read the pool of blogs that are there for you read!

In case you need color do take up this image as your companion to awesome content: