Somebody wanted to be a Doctor. Someone wanted to be an Architect or an Engineer. They were all clear of their goals but not me. Why was I not one of them? I often used to ask me. What was my goal? What did I want to be in life?

My 10th board had finished and like many others I was also confused, which stream to choose. Writing was always in my blood. But I was not sure about writing as my career. Could writing be an earning?

Some more years went by and I graduated as a commerce student. I was clueless about what to do next.

But writing has always been therapeutic to me. It had taken me out of the low tides in my life and danced along with me in my good times.

As time does not wait for anybody, my life moved ahead. And now I reached another designation of being a daughter in law. Life changes and it was 100% true in my case. It took me some years to realize that writing is my first love and nothing can detach me from it.

I started searching in newspapers for the prospects. I was introduced to so many career options in writing. A goal was coming in front of my eyes by now.

As I mentioned before on my website about my first achievement, my poem got published in a magazine. I got a little confidence. I realized that there is some talent in me. And I am moving in correct direction.

I learned that I needed to write some blogs to let the world know about my talent. And this is why I started writing blogs. How may ever, I like writing on paper, internet spreads like fire. I had to be on web if I wanted myself to be recognized by all.

But I got my share of limelight, when randomly I made an account on Twitter. And then one fine day I started following BLOGCHATTER. My destiny took a turn when I applied for blogbuddy 3.0 little knowing what the next door will have for me.

After then there was no looking back till now. I am learning and growing each new day. There is so much to learn here. I am making friends every other day. I am amazed to find so like-minded friends on the web. These are people whom I would have never known unless I knew them through their writing.

But somewhere deep in my heart, there is still an ambition to write a regular column for THE TIMES OF INDIA. I want to be a columnist and a blogger. I want people to read my writing through the newspaper. I want them to be waiting for my column every day.

Destiny has brought me here. I am pretty clear in my mind after so many years. And I believe as if I have reached here, I will be taken further also.

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Her writings are reflections of her views towards life. She believes that whatever happens only happens with a reason. And the best happens when it is not seen. Because holding on believes that there is a past; letting go knows that there is a future. Her writing gives her a second chance that life denies. She reads new articles every day and learns something new from them. And she makes it a priority to write regularly.You can connect with her at:

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