Women are using technology for innovative solutions and using the digital space to launch their entrepreneurial ventures. Digital Women Awards is the endeavour to celebrate these women who are forging ahead.

SheThePeople.TV honours women entrepreneurs through Digital Women Awards and Summit who have leveraged digital to forge ahead. The fifth edition of the awards are being held in Gurgaon on November 23. It is going to be packed with meaningful discussions and interactions with industry leaders. The event partner Google would be conducting ‘I Am Remarkable’ workshop for all the attendees.

We spoke to Neha Rastogi, who is one of the shortlisted candidates for the Awards about innovation, the start-up climate and sustainability of digital-led ventures.

Digital Women Awards and Summit

Neha Rastogi is the co-founder of Agatsa Software with their flagship product ‘Sanket’, which is a hand-held ECG monitor with instant interpretation. Prompted by her father-in-law’s heart condition, Neha along with her husband Rahul Rastogi, developed a cost-sensitive ECG monitor that could give results almost instantaneously and in the convenience of a person’s own home. Today, Sanket is a boon to patients who need long term cardiac care and for those living in areas where healthcare is inaccessible.

Neha says that initially it was difficult to find investors and funding for their product. They had to let the product quality and usability speak for itself. With time, investors like Tata Trusts and Biotech Industry Research Assistance (BIRAC) came in.

As a woman, Neha had to face biases and prejudice against women in the workspace especially when she had a year-old child to tend to. Again, she proved herself as capable, taking charge of the product development and launch.

Today, 6 years after Agatsa was founded and 3 years after the commercial launch of ‘Sanket’, Neha feels that sustainability of technology based ventures is very much possible.

Neha says that the digital space improves the reach across locations and there is less resistance and judgement. Distribution of ‘Sanket’ through Amazon and through Agatsa’s own website has worked well.

Agatsa is going to diversify with other variants of Sanket and coming with more products in the near future. They plan to scale up their operations and are targeting overseas markets.

Neha Rastogi inspires scores of women to use their talent, creativity and business acumen to break barriers in the entrepreneurial space.

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