On 9TH March, 2018 the second season of #BlogchatterWritFest kick started with much aplomb. The day’s session began with an hour long Twitter chat with Publisher and Writing Coach, Dipankar Mukherjee aka @DMSpeaks who discussed the ‘Elusive Book Deal.’ Bloggers, writers and aspiring authors tuned in from across the country and abroad to learn, share, engage with the community and grab their nuggets of wisdom.

Below is a recap of the chat.

The chat began with five questions on the topic of book deals for the first 30 minutes, followed by an open house. The session began with the participants talking about an achievement in their lives which they are particularly proud of. Dipankar shared Readomania’s success story of working with debut authors and guiding them in their writing. While most answers were about meeting writing goals, bringing out books into the world, and turning passion into profession, Gayatrii’s input that it’s still too early to count on laurels and there’s much to do in life ahead, stood out.

The next question was the three things that a piece must have in order to make the cut for publishing. Everyone agreed that good writing should be error free, well-edited and reviewed, and should connect with the readers. “Reader needs an escape and the writing should be able to provide it,” Richa (@richa_singh) emphasized. Another highlighted how a good manuscript needs time and effort. The discussion also spoke about the importance of beta-reading to receive feedback and reviews.

The discussion moved forward to talk about the difference between a piece of work that gets published and one that doesn’t. Disha (@Dishki) pointed that if writing fails to arouse readers’ interest, it doesn’t get published, and even if it does, there are rarely any takers. Dipali (@dibbi18) had thoughts on the similar lines: if the writer fails to stir emotions and conviction in the heart of the reader, it doesn’t go far. Dipankar clarified here, “your writing will appeal only like minded people, your reader base.” And that there are other reasons to not getting published as well: the publisher doesn’t have a slot, or the genre is something the publisher doesn’t work with, or the writing does not abide with the principles of the publishing house.

While answering what vision he has in mind when reading a manuscript, Dipankar stressed that the manuscript should enrich the readers’ life since the reader spends money and time to buy and read the book. Tarang (@TarangSinha) had clear answers for this one.

The discussion ended on an interesting note: Pet Peeves- three things the participants thought writers should stop doing.

The open house too saw interesting questions by community and equally noteworthy answers by the guest. Nidhi (@Nidgratefulsoul) asked tips for writing short stories.

Sonia (@soniasmusings) asked about the symbiotic relationship between a publisher and author, especially when both are new in their field of work.

The chat session ended on an enthusiastic note, with lots of knowledge shared, and wisdom collected, focusing more on the hard work it requires landing that elusive book deal. It was a reality check for bookish dreams.

The Elusive Deal Twitter Chat with Dipankar Mukherjee was one of our sessions at Blogchatter Writing Festival. We have many more different author-sessions planned ahead under same. You can screenshot the below Schedule: 

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