Hola! It’s raining happiness as we are set to announce the winners of not one but two sessions we had: #BaajiOnZeeMarathi and #FeedIQChatter Breastfeed Week.

The five winners for each session have won an Amazon voucher worth 1000 INR each. So, here we go:

Winners for #BaajiOnZeeMarathi

1. Sonia Chatterjee
2. Rashi Mital
3. Shipra Trivedi
4. Rashi Roy
5. Romilla

Winners for #FeedIQChatter Breastfeed Week

1. Dr. Arpita
2. Varsha Bagadia
3. Sabeeka
4. Nayantara
5. Deepa Gandhi

A big congratulations to all. Don’t forget to email or DM us your email address so that we send the vouchers immediately.

Hey, don’t get disheartened if you aren’t on the list, we have a lot more coming up. STAY TUNED to not miss an opportunity!