A Season of Hope by Aanandika Sood

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Create Date May 23, 2020
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Meet the Book

Walking their own paths, Amrita and Sahil had been content; busy with their own lives in two different continents. They had known each other in passing but never came very close. One fine day, destiny demanded that they come within each other’s periphery. Maybe after years of autumn, it was time now for a season of hope.

Meet the Author

Aanandika Sood is a journalist and writer. She likes to live mostly inside a world in her own head, reading and spinning stories and wishing for a Bollywood-esque life. Often called melodramatic, she aspires to stay so till the end. She blogs about books and her parenting struggles, fails (and sometimes wins) at aanandika.blogspot.com and lives in Kolkata with her husband and two children, Bhindisood and Cutletkumar.