A to Z Crafts for Kids by Kinshoo Agrawal

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Create Date May 23, 2020
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Meet the Book

A to Z Crafts for Kids is a compilation of creative crafts that parents can engage kids with and enhance their skills. These easy crafts can be done with young kids age 2+ years and with items usually available at home. The variety of crafts presented aid in development of different skill sets and motor skills.

Meet the Author

Kinshoo Agrawal is a management graduate who chose to become a stay-at-home mom. Her love for DIYs and crafts resurfaced with motherhood and she started involving her son in Early Learning Activities. Her journey of blogging and content creating commenced with writing for parenting websites. On her own blog, Momlearningwithbaby.com, she shares easy, simple crafts and learning activities for kids.