Sayan Bhattacharya

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Meet the book

Siraj discovers a dark secret lurking in his family’s past, which he must unravel to reconstruct the truth about his own identity and roots. Destiny leads Siraj to the land where he was born, to uncover the secret of his family’s past that lay buried within the annals of its history. Mrinal, on the other hand undertakes a trip to Bangladesh as the journey of his lifetime: a land which he had had to leave behind amidst the fire of communal violence in 1950, post the Partition of India.

Meet the author

Born in 1974 in Kolkata and a Post-graduate in English Literature, Sayan’s professional career spans twenty-two years, initially in banking and financial services and presently in the FinTech industry. An avid traveller and reader, Sayan’s passion for writing is his hobby and a medium to showcase his own kaleidoscope of life’s stories.