Retirement is a new ball game of life. Everyone knows the precise retirement date as this is fixed on the day one is born. It is sad that not many are prepared for it.

I have seen many people around me struggling to find their purpose in life after retirement. The purpose of life earlier was earning a livelihood, raising a family, and seeing children settled. With better healthcare facilities and awareness, the lifespan has increased. The average life in India is approximately 80+ years now. With this rough calculation, a person has around twenty years before he breaths his last. This is a long period to live and it would be good if one plans for this life instead of waiting for death.

This book will prove to help you find a new direction to live a better life in your sunset years. I have written this book intending to help Indian middle-class elders in particular and others in general. It will help you to find your “ikigai” in these golden years of life!