On 24th January 2018, BlogChatter held a chat session on how PayPal can play a role for the freelancers in the country connect to global clients and how it can help a business grow. With Amazon vouchers to be won for active and fruitful engagement, this was sure to be an enriching and detailed discussion.

PayPal seems to have taken its roots slowly in India and there are mostly only good things to say as it provides various features and safety checks that ensure the sanctity of an agreement is maintained from both parties. There were some responses which talked about how they were skeptical of serving to international clients and were not very sure about the security involved in it.

The people who have engaged with international clients alleviated their fears by talking about how the clients are punctual and more flexible and also treat you with respect and a viable pay. The exposure to international business culture and opinions is also something that adds value to your freelancer experience.


PayPal also gives a sense of professionalism to your business and helps to deal with more clients both national and international and helps you build a long-term relationship with them. The global exposure really is one of the strongest sells for PayPal as it increases the value of your business almost exponentially and helps a business grow to new heights.

PayPal comes with its own list of world-class features which help a small business grow and protect the rights of a person who is selling his goods, in which ever form, online. Paypal.me, the invoicing, the buyer & seller protection and the quick transfer of money are some features which set it apart from the competition. The security to credit card and debit card details is another important and salient feature. Moreover it also provides discounted transaction rates for most goods.

Not many people seemed to have knowledge of PayPal.me which makes receiving payment for your work super-easy. Invoice generation, mobile money wallets and internet banking continue to be the most commonly source of receiving payments. The people who have tried PayPal.me though, are all laurels about it.

One of the main threats, and hence the biggest detractors of online payments is the security attached with them. The constant looming threat of credit-card hacking, phishing, fraud and non-payment work as understandable reasons as to why people sometimes tend to stay away from PayPal.

With the launch of PayPal in India, the freelancing industry is set to be revolutionized as a new player opens up the world to Indian freelancers. It is filling a current vacuum of private open wallets which might lead to its rapid growth in the country.

As the conversation wraps up, it seems like there is a lot of optimism currently in the Indian freelancing industry and the arrival of PayPal may just act as the push that Indian freelancers had been waiting for.