Rules of engagement as is the case was first introduced in military operations. It defined, what could be overstepping the offensive and often helped even worst of enemies draw a line to ensure elements of ethics in their hostility.

So it is but natural that this got extended to romance and dating as well 😀 How else can you best describe a relationship today? Of course all is fair in love and war !

And what is blogging? It is of course a defined romance between blogger and his or her readers.

This engagement is different though. It occurs through your comments section, through those tweets that you find around your blog, likes and discussions that ensue on Facebook. But most importantly it occurs when you respond.

If we are today talking about “Blogging Ethics” then it is imperative that we discuss ‘engagement’.


Some simple pointers :

1 Always reply to your comments

As per internet culture, only one percent people create content- remaining 99 % are lurkers. Someone who comments is part of that one percent. Respond to them. Add part of their content in your blog and share credits with them. This way your blog content is always dynamic and never stale

2 Be polite and courteous 

Agree to disagree. A lot of times blogposts evoke responses that are in direct contradiction to our generated content. Pause, reflect. See if it makes sense. If it doesn’t add your bit and engage pro-actively. In case after two definitive rounds the response is still same, bow out of the conversation.

3 Content Converses with Content

One of the best things about online interactions is that they never occur in silos. They spark off a wave of ideas almost spontaneously. We at Blogchatter call this ‘Content converses with Content to create more content’. Use this engagement tactic to appreciate a blogger, to connect ideas and most importantly to not shy away from accepting that certain blogposts might not be your original thought process.

4 Community

But most importantly when you decide to take up blogging you also decide to go away from being in silos. Community is the heart of online networks. And engagement forms the key in holding this together. Beyond the realm of blogs and tweets lies a friendship. Respond, receive and reciprocate a fellow blogger with as much as clarity as you would do an offline friend. This rules of engagement never fails to produce results in blogging

While we have listed only four, we at Blogchatter recognise that this is not even ten percent of what ethics in engagement should be like. We would love to hear from you ! And the engagement ethics that we believe need mention we will add to the post here.

Around the challenge we have built up a rather interesting festival as well called the Blogchatter Writing Festival– celebrating the blogger to author journey.

Did we say author?

Oh wait. Have you not seen last year’s post challenge Blogchatter Ebook carnival? Championed by Chitra Divakaruni we received twenty six ebooks during the month of May all self-published by our community members.

This time we have eight popular authors who are coming along as part of our mentor program for festival, taking up special twitter chats and facebook live sessions to further your publishing dream. Read more here: Blogchatter Writing Festival

As part of Festival we will once again be opening our portals for your self-published ebooks (in case you choose to convert your April blogging challenge into one). You can ping us here or anywhere you find us for queries, etc.

This month we will also be taking up the #AtoZChallenge with you. Celebrating better blogging across platforms through our theme:

Blogging Ethics

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