What’s #AtoZChallenge?

The #AtoZChallenge is a daily blogging challenge with an alphabet a day as a theme. You get a break on Sundays so 26 posts on 26 days all through April. Head to their website for more details here.

That sounds like fun , where to sign up?

Over 1500 blogs have signed up. You can do that too here.


So I have signed up , what next?

If you are gearing up for the challenge, why don’t you flaunt it to the world. Get a badge from here and wear it with pride!


My posts are going to be all random musings, do I need to have a theme?

Your posts can be on any topic [ Arts, Parenting, Food , Travel , Humour , Fiction] as long as you stick to the Alphabet a day rule. But having a theme may help you plan better and make it more fun.

If you decide to have a theme [completely optional] you can sign up here. Theme reveal day was officially 21st, but you can put up the post before 31st March and tweet out its link using #AtoZChallenge so that other bloggers get a taste of what’s to come. Your theme reveal would be like the promo to the blockbuster April ahead and get your potential readers hooked .

Now that is a win- win right?


How can BlogChatter help you in the Challenge?

Now we are talking! You know what they say about writing being a lonely job? More so when there are 1500 of bloggers and mad daily blogging frenzy – you need company of people who love you right?

We at BlogChatter are always there to help you take your blog to the next level. We also feel you should take up atleast one daily blogging challenge. #AtoZChallenge is the perfect platform to open up your reader base to thousands of bloggers.

Since we believe in the power of community, we are bringing the #AtoZChallenge bloggers from BlogChatter together so that they can read each other and share blogging love. See the big picture?

Okay , I am sold! What next?
If you have signed up for #AtoZChallenge, share either your theme reveal post or a simple announcement post and link it up on our website here. [ if you have written both , please link both – the more the merrier ]




When you’ll head there you’ll see many familiar bloggers. Pay them a visit and they shall visit you back . Before the challenge even begins you would have a community cheering you on and you’d be cheering them as well. High five to that !
Okay all done. Anything else?

You know that we love you so much right? So here’s a checklist for you to help you get the best out of AtoZ experience.
1. Please follow @AprilA2Z , follow hosts , engage with them. For updates & more.
2. Please promote your posts via social networks like twitter and use #AtoZchallenge & tag @aprilA2Z to maximize exposure.
3. Ensure all your posts have all social media icons so that readers can share. Especially your twitter handle embedded properly.
4. When you tweet your posts – Do tag @blogchatter so that we can read and share
5. Schedule your posts in advance as much as you can. Every extra day you get is precious.
6. Please ensure comments are enabled correctly and have all proper systems in place.
7. Read , read , read. Share , share , share – apart from writing kick ass posts ofcourse
8. Most importantly Have lots of fun – connect with loads of bloggers and take your blog to the next level

An extra important tip we send across:

To ensure people can trace you back to your blog use the following in your comments as signature:

<a href=”www.google.com”>Home</a>

*in case of comment luv systems do not use this, it causes your comments to go into spam.

One last question. I signed up for AtoZ but haven’t heard from them, so what now?
AtoZ team may or may not reach out to you. The best way to get any answer is simply follow them on twitter and connect with them. You can tweet your queries or participate in weekly #AZChats – Thursday & Saturdays.
As long as your blog appears on the list – its all good .

That’s about it , we guess , have more questions – leave us a comment and we’ll answer that for you.