Blog Imprints is the Credibility Program from Blogchatter for bloggers and content creators. There are a number of courses that one can choose from. For more details on the courses, check this.

Richa Singh, the co-founder of Blogchatter, was in conversation with Suchita Agarwal to clear doubts and answer queries regarding the Credibility Program.

Here are the questions that were covered during the #FBChatter.

  • Why do I need certification if my blog is doing well?

Your blog may be doing very well. You may be getting a high number of visitors, engagement may be good and you might be connecting with brands. However, you need to validate that success and be recognised as a leader. Certification gives you that credibility. A certificate reflects the seriousness of your intent to get better. You can put it on your website or your media kit.

  • Are there any website related requirements I must fulfill before taking the courses?

You don’t need a self hosted blog for enrolling for the Credibility Program. If you have a free blog, you are welcome.

  • Which certificate course is right for me?

The right course for you depends on your blogging goals and where you are in your blogging journey. There are a number of courses available through the Credibility Program. These cover blogging basics, developing a USP through a unique voice and content, honing your skills in creative writing, content creation and strategies for video blogging and branding and positioning for the individual or the website. Email us or ping us if you need guidance.

  • When would I get instructions for the courses?

The welcome mail has been sent to all those who have registered. You would be getting more instructions very soon.

  • What if I cannot complete the courseware in the required time frame? Do I get more time?

It is recommended that you complete the courseware in the stipulated time because it reflects the intent and the seriousness of the candidate.

  • How will my assignments be assessed? Are there marks or grades?

There are no grades since this is not a competitive analysis of your skills vis a vis another. It is more of an On-the-job training, with a focus on a hands on approach.

  • Does everyone who complete the courseware get the certificate? Or only the top rankers?

Every person who can satisfactorily understand the courseware and is able to apply the concepts will get the certificate. There are no grades or ranking system.

  • How much do the courses cost?

The courses are absolutely free of cost. The only thing required is your time and effort.

  • Is all the material online or can I get printable or hard copies?

The material would be provided through emails mostly. Printables would be available only for some courses.

  • How can the certificates be displayed/mentioned on my website or social media kit?

After the successful completion of the course, you would be given badges that can be displayed on your website. You can also mention them in your social media kit. Physical copies of the certificates would be sent to you.

Now, it’s time for you to register for Blog Imprints and take your blogging to the next level!