Unique Voice is the crux for the first quarter of 2019 of our #LeaderChatter campaign. So, after conducting a Twitter chat and an FB live on this, we wanted to give you something more, something concrete, which makes you go through it repeatedly to reflect and help you develop your Unique Voice.

How To Develop Your Unique Voice

An important question to ask yourself – what will make your blog shine in a crowd of 37 million websites across the globe? Yup, it is that huge a number. And to make your mark you need to add a secret ingredient to your post to make the cut. How do you do this? The answer is – your Unique Voice.

We have put together an exercise to help you on this voyage of identifying your unique voice. This exercise is printable. So you can print it and get started or go digital.

But…before you dig in. There is one last thing to keep in mind.  

Keep distractions at bay. Close your eyes for a few minutes and picture your blog.

Now pick up the pen. And…let’s get started!