Follow your dreams, spend wisely.

Blogging is not simply a journey we undertake as writers or content creators. It is a journey that sees us juggling many roles. We dab in social media marketing, we edit our own content and we often even be our own strategist for all future decisions. A blogger in his own right can say with much confidence that he or she is an entrepreneur of sorts.

And so, most of us through these ideas harbor dreams of being on our own.

Follow your dreams, spend wisely was one such campaign that we initiated in partnership with MoneyView team.

We held an hour long contest on twitter where through six questions and plenty answers we discovered our dreams and ways to achieve them.

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Why not try some of these questions with us here?

Q1. If resources were unlimited, what dream project would you undertake?

Q2.Now resources are not unlimited, so how important is financial fitness for any ‘dream’ project? Why?

Q3.Keeping in mind financial fitness, what is your Financial resolution for the new year?

Q4.How can you improve your financial fitness to achieve your dreams faster and effortlessly?

Q5.Do you use mobile apps for financial planning on your phone? Why or why not?

At the end of the contest we had picked up six winners and announced them on twitter. Along with 500 INR Flipkart vouchers was also an opportunity to write for MoneyView blog!