Have a list of resolutions that were forgotten a week into January?

Well don’t we all do that? Make big plans and then never see them through . Plan to lose those inches , use that gym membership , get a hold of our personal finance , take that guitar or camera and finally start using it with as much enthusiasm as we bought it?

We all have these dreams for health , finance , travel & hobbies that just remain that Dreams.

Perhaps its time to turn them into Goals. With deadlines , with actionables , with your own motivation team cheering for you. Who else but BlogChatter!

All through December , we are focusing on your Personal Goals for 2017 . So that you Gear up for 2017 and stay motivated all year through.

One way to do that is make your goal a Personal Project. Write about it , Share with like minded passionate people and Keep a track of your progress .

And the first trip to a great plan is writing it down.

So share a post on Instagram on your personal goal for the next year , tag it #GearUp2017 . You’ll be able to get in touch with like minded people and you just might inspire one of future BlogChatter sessions or campaigns.

We are keeping a look out for you , let’s #GearUp2017 !

In our journey to keep you motivated we have lined up some interesting sessions as well !

Last week 7th December saw us chatting up with Abhishant Pant on his cashless journey ! And in this age of demonetization you cannot miss it. In case you skipped the chat, you can check our the storified session here.

This week 14th December we have Kavita Devgn who will be discussing Fitness Goals with us ! So stay tuned sharp 8.30 PM IST on Wednesday to become better equipped on fitness front for 2017 😀

And two more sessions before 31st that will run up soon and help you gear up for 2-0-1-7 ! 

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