With all the hustle and bustle at Blogchatter, we thought a session on Alexa was rightly timed. So that was what we did this Wednesday.

Since for everyone who’s new, the word Alexa might be puzzling, we decided to begin with explaining just that. What exactly is Alexa Rank and how does it help?

Writing blogs involves reading other blogs as well. Each of us has our own method best suited for us.

This question plagues every blogger – hacks to get more page views – and the answers below may be of help!

Did you know WordPress has a feature that helps you figure out what time is best to post? Yes! Do keep checking that for optimal coverage.

It is a fact that sharing your posts on social media gets you more readers, but how often do you do that?

Don’t forget to promote your old posts as well. Sometimes those get lost and forgotten.

Keeping the Alexa rank down requires efforts. We asked previous participants what steps they took to achieve that.

So there’s Alexa and we got a picture of it, but is there any other number bloggers track?

With this we reached the end of our session. Most questions on Alexa were answered and we are certainly ready for this year’s #MyFriendAlexa !

That’s all folks, for more interesting discussions like this, join us on our #Blogchatter twitter chats every Wednesday at 8.30 PM!