We have had an eventful 2016, we launched our website. Rolled another season of Blogbuddy with four teams this time. And had an epic A to Z Challenge in April which saw us trending all over India on 1st April for four hours! Totally unprecedented display of love and support from community.

So it was a given that we had to take a pit stop mid-year. Regroup, re-work out things and more importantly indulge in some gupshup within the tribe.

We have been running many things for Blogchatter community at large with Alexa campaign just round the corner promising to be another big bang celebration. And hence decided to create something for our Blogbuddy peeps. Been a while since we carried out an activity only for them.

Half Time! 


It is a simple idea which took root in our hearts. Before you race out of 2016 and make this year a successful ‘Game set and match’ take drinks break with us. 

What do you have to do?

  1. Write a mid-year round up post. It could be anything you wish to share as a six months update on your blog about your life, future or thoughts that cloud you this July.
  2. You and your blogbuddy team have to create a unique hashtag. A hashtag which represents your team.
  3. What will you do with this hashtag? While sharing your own posts or your blogbuddy members use the hashtag (across any social media network)
  4.  At the end of this, we at Blogchatter will count the number of times internet got a ping on your hashtag and create a leader board for all blogbuddy teams.
  5. Team with maximum points gets special focus on our website and all social media profiles of Blogchatter for a week!

What are you waiting for! Remember the campaign is going to kick start today i.e 2nd July and finish 15th July! Get your posts on. Get your team together. And get your leader board spirit in action!!

We will have a dedicated linky updated on this post shortly. Earlier you finish your post better the lead you gain in sharing!

If you have any question regarding this, you know where to find us. If you are not a blogbuddy and wish to be one read this Looking for a friend in Blogging