Shubo Dashami, #HappyDussehra, vanquish the evil, celebrate the good – and here is us, celebrating this epic day, by blogging (of course).

At Blogchatter, personal brand is a favourite topic, one which we always tell our community members to strive towards, as it is the only way to carve a niche for yourself in this overcrowded space.

So how are #HappyDussehra and Personal Brand related?

I. Burn the old, ring in the new

That #HappyDussehra is a festival of vanquishing evil is well-known but this applies to your blog as well. What better day than today to clean-up what your brand stands for, course correct in case of deviations and plan a course of action for 2020!

Today, ask yourself, what do I, and as an extension of this I, my blog stand for?

II. Truth always wins

While it may have taken Lord Ram time to mount his attack on Lanka and Ravan, he did not stray from the path of Dharma. He did not abandon his ethics for a quick win.

Do you think about ethics while sharing online? Or are you simply regurgitating content that everyone else is writing? Do you pause to check if you have added your own stamp to your content?

Don’t be afraid to be gloriously, uniquely, authentically you because hey, there isn’t anything you lose if you are being truthful, but everything to lose, if you are caught in a lie.

Today go through your posts and ask yourself, is this what I really want to say?

III. Don’t be egoistic

While Ravan was the most learned man of his time, with many powers bestowed on him by the gods, he forgot the most important lesson of being a great mind: humility.

In the world of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, have you lost the sense of what it means to be in a community?

An important measure of personal brand is the community you build around your brand and it is impossible to build your tribe if you do not give back to them.

Today, ask yourself, what skill, what knowledge, what piece of learning can I share with my audience that can help them?

IV. Don’t underestimate your power

Ravan thought humans and monkeys were not worth his attention and yet it was an army of monkeys that finally defeated him.

You may wonder what can you, a blogger, lost in a sea of digital media, can do to make change. Don’t discount the value of your voice! What you stand for is a mark of your personal brand – use it to give momentum to your ideas.

Today, don’t think if your blog post can make a difference. Set it free in the world, and let it work its magic.

This is one of the beauties of celebrating festivals – they not only give us an excuse to write a blog post, they also teach us some valuable life and professional lessons.

So tell us, what are you going to do today? How are you going to vanquish the evil of self-doubt this #HappyDussehra?

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