Reading and books is one thing that always brings the Blogchatter community together. Any time we have a chat or a post on Instagram around books, we always see such enthusiasm that it’s heart-warming. There is after all something quite magical about books and reading, a sort of homecoming, a reunion with a friend, or the comfort that a favourite beverage provides. Yes, we’re going to say beverage so it’s more inclusive and not limited to chai or coffee drinkers. Have you ever tried to pair wine with a book? It’s as magical!

Well in April we did a survey to find out ‘How Blogchatter Reads’ and here we are, sharing the results.

#1 Community is essential for book lovers

82% of our people find their next read basis recommendations – whether from friends/family or their favourite book reviewers. We also had 70% community members saying they love to discuss books. Well, friendships based on a shared love of books are ones that last, no?

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#2 Start ‘em young

About 66% people read because it has been a habit since childhood. That’s one good habit that all of us share, isn’t it? And since most of us started young, it’s safe to say, we learnt the essential art of reading from our parents.

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#3 Most struggle with finding time to read

We asked what do you find the hardest about reading and 80% said, in one form or another that finding the time to read is what trips them up.

We just cannot have that can we? Which is why we designed the TBRChallenge in the hopes that it’ll motivate you to read. And we think there is a definite correlation between 57% who said yes they are a part of the challenge and 48% who said yes they had read more than 5 books in the first quarter of 2021.

Join the TBRChallenge here.

Here’s a guide on how to ease back into reading.

#4 Give us a book and we will read it

We asked where do you read and we were happy to note that while paperbacks and hardcovers have always been popular, ebooks are picking up and bibliophiles are open to consuming books in different forms. We were also quite happy to note that 80% said they read whenever they found the time to read. So if you find a Blogchatter community member sharing a meal with a book, you know why!

We’re basically just hungry hippos – only we’re hungry for books!

Here’s something on audiobooks vs ebooks vs books.

#5 There is no method to this madness!

How we pick up our next reads was a question we thought would have some wild answers. As it turned out, most like to read as per their mood! 77% said they like to mix and match. If they’re in the mood for some comfort read, community will pick up a preferred genre. And when they’re in the mood to experiment, they’ll pick up something they haven’t read before.

Like we said, we’re hungry, hungry hippos for books *chomp chomp*

#6 Should Blogchatter begin a book club?

While 70% said they liked discussing books, there were also 25% who said they hadn’t found the right group or place where they could discuss books. And 82% said they’d like it if we dedicated 1 day a month to discuss books read.

Hmmm does that mean we have to think of some ideas now? Back to the drawing board then!