Living in the world we all have the same experiences but what sets these experiences apart is how we take these, how we respond to them, how we voice them out. Our voice, our thoughts is what sets us apart from each other. It’s your unique voice which makes a blog post on a topic talked about numerous times, different.

It’s your unique voice which will make an impact, which can move mountains. So, you know you need to have a unique voice, you know this unique voice has to make an impact, but the question is how. Let us ask community!

What is it about a blog that makes you read it repeatedly? It’s how it’s written, right? It’s how the blogger has woven the words: that is always the x-factor.

And how do you achieve unique voice? As they say, everyone has told the story, but you haven’t told your story. In addition to your experience, how you write and even how the content is formatted, the images you use, the captions you write, all of it works towards creating your unique voice.

Work on a strategy. Like Richa pays attention to the detail and ensures the placing of paragraphs as well. On the other hand, Tanmay believes in reading extensively on the topic, pondering over and then putting down his words.

Now that you know how to achieve unique voice, let’s proceed to what have you done or will do to work on it? For some it’s their style of writing, for some it’s their experience, and when you club these two, you get your unique voice.

In fact, well-thought and curated images play a vital role in creating and defining your unique voice. With the human attention span reducing and visuals gaining popularity, putting forth your unique voice through impactful images is sure to make a huge difference.

The passion with which you write on a subject is key to cracking the code for getting a unique voice. Not to mention, with years of experience you will gradually hone it and who knows would become a thought leader someday.

And once you’re a thought leader, your unique voice is what a brand would need, because you can make a difference. Being a blogger and a thought leader is a combination we all wish to achieve.

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