Over the past few days we have been seeing a lot of lovely, hilarious and some very professional images going around: images of how people work from home. We thought it’s time we give you a little sneak peak of Team Blogchatter’s working routines, and not just usual working schedules, but one amidst a pandemic when the whole family is at home! We know that all of you are in the same situation, so let’s talk!

When The House is Not a ‘Me’ Place Anymore!

When the entire family is at home, the kitchen smells of holiday and schedules are forgotten. Making a new routine while staying at home takes time. Until then, sleep time, eating time and playtime for kids are all chaotic. When you have to finish up all errands around the house on your own as well, work from home becomes quite challenging. If you had a different schedule altogether, this lockdown time will definitely ask of us to redefine that schedule around our family and new tasks.

work from home
Multitasking can be crazy!

A Time For Everything

We know already that there’s a time for everything but that becomes even more important when you lose track of time. Hasn’t that been happening a lot during this lockdown? We sometimes forget what day it is because we’re all at home at the same time. Maybe now you can take out those extra shiny planners that you’d been saving because they look so good! Even though we’re at home, the world doesn’t stop. Most of us are still working from home with only a change of atmosphere. As Sona says, it is important to involve your family in your schedule planning, so they know when you are not to be disturbed and when you can all spend some time together. You know your work best, so you by now know your productivity hours. Keep aside time for the work that needs most attention. Are you a morning lark or a night owl? Carve your schedule accordingly.

work from home
Those planners can come to use now!

Dress Up and Show Up

Yeah, so what if you aren’t going to an actual physical office right now? Having your own work from home space even if it’s little, dedicated only to work really helps in increasing productivity. Also, Richa prefers to dress up before she sits at her desk everyday. Stay professional even when you’re working from home! PJs may not be the best outfit for the day. Dressing up increases your confidence and helps you stay focussed like you would be at an office space. Having a clean working space, ideally facing a window works wonders. No space at home? Maybe it is time to declutter!

work from home
Even the cat has her space

Chai Biskut Breaks

We don’t know if it’s because the fridge is in closer proximity or it’s just the stress making us feel all munchy! But we do need breaks now and then. Perhaps you had that chai break while you were at office and really enjoyed those few minutes of refreshment. Why not have a scheduled break for rejuvenation at home too? Suchita has kept aside time to relax, exercise and do her court mandated social media scrolling. We need to stay updated on memes too, no? The entire team of Blogchatter has chai breaks to relish our favourite beverage, so much so that we even have conversations around chai and coffee.

work from home
Chill for a while?

Embrace Your Confusions

We know this is a time of uncertainty and it is natural to feel anxious. We have made it a habit to set aside a time window to worry or vent. Beyond that we must uplift each other and stay positive. Leha sets aside a short time everyday to read the news. It is easy to get caught up in the web of news these days. It leads to more worry. We need to define our priorities. We should stay informed but be very careful about the information we consume. This lockdown could also mean a time to reconnect with yourself. Slow down and get in touch with yourself, nature, friends and family. We may be socially distancing ourselves but we can still be emotionally connected. We have team calls once in a while, after which we are always more motivated and know that we are in this together. This could also be a time to get back into blogging full throttle if you had set it aside. Whenever Geethica feels overwhelmed, she remembers why she began doing what she loves to do. This gives her all the inspiration she needs.

work from home
Yes, you can!

We’re all going through this quarantine time together. We are not alone. This could be the time of most productivity if we discover ourselves and learn to manage time wisely! Perhaps we will in the process learn something new that can be the beginning of a wonderful transformation.

Also, if you’re stuck anywhere, feel free to reach out to us and tell us in the comments how you are managing your work from home time, we’d love to hear from you.