On an everyday basis we are brainstorming a million ideas to take blogging, social media and at times even life to the next level !

With this race against time kind of stories building in our team discussions, we at Blogchatter decided that a ready calendar commonly shared with community is going to help us a lot.

Communicating some of our midnight eureka moments can now not be a series of emails but a simple update to calendar at back end.

You can find the calendar here. And the steps to follow through are as below:

Step one: Open link on phone: https://www.theblogchatter.com/blogchatter-calendar/

Step two: It will look as below:


Click on the plus sign and it will open to a new link.

Step three: It will ask if you want to add calendar. Click yes and it will proceed

Step four: Check your phone’s calendar to run through if it has been added


You can also directly add calendar to your google and ical calendars using the following direct links:

For Google Calendar: Link to copy / Import

For ical Calendar: Link to copy / Import 

Import these links on laptop or phone onto your calendar and they will get synced.

You can always ping us across our social media profiles/ email us at [email protected]– in case you have a problem in any of the steps.