How to become a blogchatter member

A guide

  1.  What is Blogchatter?

  2. How to do Blogchatter right?

  3. What can Blogchatter do for you?



Blogchatter is a community of bloggers and social media enthusiasts who are roaring to help you carve a niche for yourself in the blogverse.



Through our internal and external campaigns, we help you to define, refine and achieve the creation of your personal brand.



If you are looking for an ally, a tribe, a group of people to learn from and grow with, someone you can chat and have chai with, Blogchatter is all that and more.


1.       Register, download our calendar and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with all that’s happening on Blogchatter.

2.       Blogchatter community comes together every Mondays (9.30 PM) and Wednesdays (8.30 PM) on Twitter and Fridays (8 PM) on Facebook to discuss all things blogging and social media. Take deep dive into community by attending an online session with us.

3.       Go through this checklist to get your blog into shape.

4.       Choose a post to read from our handy recap directory for all our chat sessions to get up to speed.

5.       Prefer video content? Well here’s our video content gallery. Choose one that you like, plug in your earphones, get a notebook and pen ready and you’re all set!

6.       Got a query? Ping us on social or email: [email protected]

what can blogchatter do for you

1.       New to the blogging world? We can introduce you to a whole tribe of people eager to help a friend out.

2.       Want to up your blogging game? We have monthly campaigns you can participate in that can turn you into a professional blogger.

3.       Want to earn from blogging? We create an ecosystem where brands and you can collaborate to create interesting conversations.

4.       Fiction writer? We have campaigns for you too! Stick around and you’ll be introduced to the wonderful world of authoring, ebooks and online fests.

5.       Not sure how to use social media with your blog? Join us for our weekly sessions to engage with like-minded people, learn and grow together.