One of the most frequently asked questions at our end is :

“How to become part of Blogchatter community?”

Though the correct answer to this question is (and will always be): Even a click on our website makes you a part of our extended family.

But of course the larger question that should be derived out of this is:

“How to do Blogchatter right?”

And for that we brainstormed and brought out a list of things that should be included as a must follow steps while wanting to engage with community and our campaigns in a more in depth way.

Step One:

Register yourself at our website so that you become a click away for our team while making notes on databases. If you are not a member may we suggest you click here. And thanks to our super efficient communications team you get access to emails on all our updates!

Step Two:

Once you have registered yourself on our website go ahead and copy Blogchatter Calendar on your Phone. It can be found here.

Steps to do so can be reached out here. 

This way every time we embark on a blogging campaign or partner with a brand to bring you awesome more, you get a timely notification. Also all our chat sessions and microblog updates are also included in this.

Let memory not play tricks with your Blogchatter act 😀 

Step Three:

As bloggers discipline and commitment plan an important role. To that effect we ask you to submit on our website a blogging testimonial. And we believe this is going to be your first act towards taking your blog one step closer to a much desired next level. Hunt no more, click here and submit a Blogchatter promise today!

And get featured on our homepage ! 


Step Four:

Now so far you have registered on the website- copied our calendar and submitted a testimonial. Thats a lot of work to take on. Do you need some help? Perhaps a friend who can sort stuff ahead? If you are in need of a friend in Blogging then send us an email for blogbuddy nomination. For more details you can read this post.

Step Five:

All Bloggers need platforms that can assist them in their endeavors to reach out to more readers. And we at Blogchatter are always here for bloggers first and then everyone else second! Go ahead, add your posts to our Blogchatter Reading List and make sure to read the lot to discover better bloggers each day.

Step Six:

Taken a resolution and promised some friends, you are well equipped to take the real plunge ! Attend your first chat session with us! Every Monday at 9.30 PM IST you can tune into Microblog and Every Wednesday at 8.30 PM IST you can tune into Blogchatter Chat session. Book your next session right now and enjoy the ride that is Blogchatter !

Step Seven:

Twitter is fun but have you tried our Facebook Live Panel Discussions? Don’t forget to attend the closest one to you – on a Friday at 9.30 PM IST – be there or be square!

Step Eight:

Keep tuning into our various channels. We can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by same popular household name- Blogchatter !

Until next time, keep taking your blog to the next level !