Blogchatter is all about networking, making our online presence felt and continuing that into the offline space as well. We build our community through people we connect with via our content and ideas and 30th March 2019 was one such day where we got to meet and discuss blogging. We attended Women Writer’s Fest at Indian Habitat Centre Delhi conducted by SheThePeopleTV.

Woman Writer's Fest at Indian Habitat Centre. SheThePeopleTV . Blogging

Insights from the fest

Woman are the leading personalities of today’s world. They are the powerhouse in every field of work. Women Writer’s Fest was packed with such intelligent ladies from different professions. There were 11 panels for 30-45 minutes each where women have made a remarkable difference of opinion with their dare-to-speak attitude.

Each panelist had conquered their battle through the strength of their writing either a journal or a book. The discussions covered all the topics from ‘Freedom of Love and Expression for Women and Men’ to ‘The Innate Sexism in the Newsroom’ and how Muslim ladies being the minority are still divided into more communities.

The Hindi Literature panel highlighted how Indian women have involved humour in their lives to fight back depression and insult. To lighten up the atmosphere, food enthusiasts taught us interesting ways to make our food more authentic and delicious.

Highlights from Blogchatter panel

To help us dissect how to blog better, we had Purba Ray, a Twitterati who has blogged for decades now, Shinjini Mehrotra who is a Tarot Card Reader, a painter and a blogger and Neha Sharma, a parent blogger. Richa Singh moderated our panel.

man Writer's Fest at Indian Habitat Centre. SheThePeopleTV . Blogging

Purba stressed writing on all genres and not be niche specific, she wants women to think out of the box. Instead of thinking only about family and cooking, women have a large scope in politics and other fields as well.

Shinjini, on the other hand, experimented with all social media platforms before deciding what suits her best. Instagram covers her work profile. As a painter, she is happy to display good images of her work there. Whereas Twitter helps in making her brand stronger. She insists to be active on the platform that works for you.

Neha has landed on blogging platform by chance after being a parent but now she loves her work. She falls upon Facebook to connect with her online community which loves her back equally.

There were many interesting questions from the audience. One of them wanted to clear the myth that only large following helps in attracting brands. Here Richa spoke about how Blogchatter is a platform that looks into the content and engagement to bring to bloggers brand opportunities that fits them.

Some of the new parent bloggers were impressed how Neha takes out time for blogging and parenting simultaneously. Quite intelligently Neha answered that you make out time for what you love.

Final note

More such platforms should encourage women to dig inside and speak their mind. We are thankful to SheThePeopleTV platform and the ladies behind to make us a part of their panel discussion.

Find all the live tweets of the events with pictures under the hashtag #blogchatterxwomenswritersfest.