We understand that for most Bloggers today social media is one of those epic tools that come once in a lifetime. And harnessing its potential is almost a compulsory asset to gain while blogging.

Yesterday we decided to Tweet some pro-tips on building a strong Personal brand on Twitter.

Go ahead, take a deep dive into this set and make sure you try out each of these to take your Brand forward on Twitter.

1 First Pro-tip for Bloggers on Twitter.

Update your bio with correct keywords + Blog URL = Ensure that your key brand is well proven in bio







2 Use Cover photo to create that strong First Impression.

In Five seconds = What you stand for + Key Recall / connect – That’s Use Cover Photo


3 You are what you follow = Follow handles that contribute to your time spent online (through learning/opportunities) + Maintain healthy ratio








4 Pinned Tweet = communicate finer details of Personal Brand in FIVE secs: An Achievement or added info on Personal Brand’s Keyword (eg:blog)









A quick recap of all points? 

A user visits your Twitter Profile and builds an impression in Five Seconds. What all do you want to communicate in that brief a time window?

In five seconds a user on your page should consume:

We ‘ve also posted about how to use Instagram better in blogging over here. You can read that as a great combination post to ace social media for your personal brand online.

Do let us know in comments if you have any question or query or even input regarding Personal Brand and Social Media.