On 10th January 2018, we held a chat session on impact and what it means to each blogger who is a part of the BlogChatter community. 2018 is the BlogChatter Year of Impact and hence in that same spirit we have been pushing all our community members to think on lines of making a real difference through their online efforts.

The chat was one such.

The first questions talked about how impact is the same as recall and hence asked the participants to share their own definition of recall and what aspect of your blogging brings it about in the readers. The general consensus seemed to be that the connection a reader has with the blog or the impression that one gets is what brings about the impact. Another aspect was the power and uniqueness of the voice a blog has also acts as a means of recall. An interesting point put up by Masoom talked about how the discussion that a blog is able to generate and how far it reaches in further debates is what makes a blog recallable.

When talking about the value of an influencer and how it can be measured, most people opined that the number of followers, views and impressions is a convenient method to extrapolate to the complete influence of an influencer. Novemberschild provided us with the 3 R’s of an influencer– Relevance, Reach and Resonance, something that puts the whole idea of value in simple terms.

Now that we had talked about our aspects of impact, it was time to create an impact statement for 2018, something that would serve as a goal for all our participants to work towards throughout the year. Here are some of the best ones we found,

As the discussion moved on to the gap that currently exists in between the impact goal and reality and how they plan to bridge it, it was encouraging to see the vision and planning that people were putting into their work and how much forward they wanted to take their blog as something that could have a meaningful impact on their life. For any project to be successful it is important to have a plan as we work to the success. The vision decides how grand the whole project would be and it is a somewhat underrated aspect of a project. The participants talked about how they wish to be more consistent and wish to put out more high quality content. Reading more and more blogs, which helps build connections, was the next most frequently aspect. The role of social media and being active on it and engaging with new bloggers to build a community is another important aspect.

As the chatter session drew to a close, we wrapped up by asking people if they now saw a clear plan for the year and a plan to achieve it. Planning is obviously a key to this and it was hence again discussed in detail with an eye to tune the finer details and reach a more plausible and yet at the same time big.

P.S Speaking of Impact, if you are inspired to work towards your blog this 2018 then may we suggest signing up for A To Z Challenge with Blogchatter, registrations are already open here: #BlogchatterA2Z