Who doesn’t like a good short story! A captivating short tale is something many people like to read during their commute to work, or perhaps sometime in between a busy day. Siddhartha Gigoo, prize-winning author of the short story “The Umbrella Man” joined us on 21st April on our Twitter chat at 8.30 PM to answer all our questions on short story writing.

We started off with a little bit of fun and got quite a few interesting micro stories from the members:

After that we moved to the important question, is there a market for short stories or do they find a place only in blogs? We loved Siddhartha’s answer to this:

What was the key element that made a short story effective, we were curious to know.

So a little twist, something unusual and unpredictable can add some punch to a story. Next we definitely wanted to know if there was a formula to creating the best short story!

He very beautifully says every answer is within us so why look outside for a formula.

So, formula or not, blending is important. A story may be short, but it still has elements that need to be taken care of. Is the character more important or the plot ?

To cap it all, Siddhartha said we should discover ourselves what our story needs, write for ourselves, not contests, and just keep writing, paying no attention to anything that brings you down. What an encouraging piece of advice for aspiring writers!

Writing Short Stories Twitter chat with Siddhartha Gigoo was one of our sessions at Blogchatter Writing Festival. We have many more different author-sessions planned ahead under this. You can screenshot the below schedule: