September 5th Blogchatter celebrated teacher’s day by thanking all it’s community members for pushing it to continuously reinvent blogging and everything related. And what’s more important than content when it comes to reinventing your blog and staying on the road to success? We held a Twitter chat on the same and poured in some extremely interesting answers. If you missed it, here is the highlight reel.

We all know content is king but what about it makes it the king we wondered.

And though we collectively hate math, is there a formula that a blogger uses to plan their content?

Every blogger dreams of going viral. How do you write content that sells?

This question put our community in a tizzy. TG…what is TG? Target group…oh my…

We wonder if planning content for blog differs from planning content for a website…

So we made content king. What else?

Well that had indeed been a good teacher’s day for us all! We are sure all our bloggers are well on their way to a successful blog!

That’s all folks, for more interesting discussions like this, join us on our #Blogchatter twitter chats every Wednesday at 8.30 PM!