On 14th March 2018, Blogchatter held a Twitter chat session on ‘How to participate in a Facebook Live’ and how can one gain most from it. The chat spilled the beans on various aspects of a live session and saw umpteen questions and replies pouring in. It was a great discussion which gave us some promising takeaways.

The chat commenced with talking about what exactly is a Facebook Live. Everyone agreed that an FB Live is a video/broadcast done from a particular profile or a page and which lets a two-way interaction take place in real time.

Now that we know the literal meaning of a Facebook Live we moved on to discuss the importance or, in fact, the use of Facebook Live as a participant/attendee. Why would someone want to attend a Live Facebook Session in the first place when we have a good number of online videos for nearly every small and big query? For most people, the primary reason to attend a Live session was the honest and instant interaction that takes place between the participant and the speaker. 

However, there are two sides to every coin and we cannot deny the fact that after all, it’s an online session having its own set of cons. Sometimes, technical glitches or limitations can make one miss the session while at times the difference of time zones can be an issue.

Though technical glitches, time issues, and other factors will always be there, how can one attend or participate in a Facebook Live session and make the most of it? Some of the best tips we got from our community are:

As we inched to the close of the session we urged everyone to ponder if Facebook Live has the capability to promise a wider reach and impact through interaction and learning. And it seemed many of us are counting on Facebook Live to evolve drastically while looking forward to exploring its reach further.

The Twitter chat drew to a close with the conclusion that Facebook Live can, in fact, prove extremely useful for both the speaker and the attendee for a number of reasons if explored with a bit of planning and the urge to learn, especially for the latter. Not just this, we also deduced that Facebook Live is here to stay and has all the potential to make it big.