Hello there! How has Alexa Week 1 been? Been writing and reading a lot have we? We hear you.

At the end of a long week of blogging, Spotlight Saturday will never fail to rejuvenate you and get you that extra dose of traffic!

All you’ve got to do is:

  1. Choose one of your blog posts that hasn’t got much love.
  2. Link it in the linky below. Also add it to the Reading List for some extra boost.

We’re a community, reciprocate!

  1. Share at least four posts on Twitter using the hashtag #BlogchatterSpotlight
  2. There’s no limit to reading. So go ahead and binge.
  3. Do leave feedback on the posts you read.
  4. Just as much as you need the energy, others do too.

The good news is, this linky is open to everyone, not just #MyFriendAlexa participants.

This delight lasts 24 hours. So, hurry hurry, don’t you tarry.