We once again joined for an awesome discussion over at Blogchatter. This time continuing the personal brand topic over at chat, we picked up Instagram as a pointer. A lot of us expressed the need for them to be more active there but mostly all agreed that it is a medium which can make or break people in a digital world.

Additionally we have some news to share. We are now officially on Instagram as well! Find us through out handle @blogchatter and if you like what you see, do follow. We arrived there along with our close knit community through a day long campaign. You can check the hashtag #Blogchatter stream there to find out more.

But wait, what is the prompt?

Simple. Blog what you want to. But optimise it for Instagram and put up a post there too (connected to a fresh blogpost). Tag us in your insta post. 

And don’t forget to add your link below.


P.S If you took part in our campaign yesterday then you must necessarily add.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.We got so tired of twitter. We thought thousand words are definitely better than 14 charactersHence.Instagram