While you are busy standing on the chair of the restaurant to capture the perfect picture of your platter and while you contemplate whether to use the dog or cat filter, may we bring to your attention that Instagram stories just went through a dramatic makeover *hushed whispers followed by pin drop silence*

This millennial app, born in 2010 has seen so much in such little time. With its handy and easy to use features it is easily one of the most popular apps (zyaada nahi, just a small number of 500 million people accessing daily).

Instagram Stories

Time To Up The Game

Because that is never enough, Instagram decided to up their game and what better way to do it than add more features to the story section? Instagram stories started out as a simple way to share moments from your day and is now trending like crazy but why? It is the best way to be seen on Instagram. With no worry about algorithm and numbers, IG stories are at the top of the home feed by default giving you instant visibility!

Flaunting New Features

So, now that we’ve understood why IG stories are so popular, what you can do is jazz up your stories a little more by playing around with the new features. People love answering questions. This has taken a new turn with the many polls to choose from and questions to ask.

Don’t know what to ask your audience? Never fear, Instagram will give you options. Sometimes words cannot express your current mood, but a cool gif can (always the cat one). Again, loads to choose from, here. Keep people on their toes, guessing what your top favourite dishes are, or let them help you choose your next book. The best is that IG stories now let’s you set the ambiance with the perfect song in the background, or even become a star and do a lyric video. Isn’t that awesome?

There are some other exciting features as mentioned in this tweet, but we don’t see them yet. For example, the famous ‘woke up like this’ caption has earned a place in the new features.  Quick draw for the artsy ones and quote of the day for the motivational ‘good morning’ people are other delights. There are also templates for listicles of all sorts for people like us. There is a new way to look forward to the weekend or when work/class will be over with a fun countdown timer. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, hoping to try these out soon too.

Become an Egg?

Over hundred million photos are uploaded every day and yet the most liked photo on Instagram is that of an egg, so if you want to beat that, you really need to become an egg get creative!

68% of users are finding Instagram stories to be engaging, so why not share a thousand words through a story, this time add a little more dazzle to it using the new features. (not the dog/cat filter, please)