Blogchatter Spotlight is your ticket to pull out a post from the post pile and stick it on the Spotlight board, every Saturday. Let us explain.

Dig in your posts and pick one to bring on the front, it can be any, the first post you published or the latest one. Link it up with our Spotlight board. That’s it. Now, wait and watch while your post is showered with much love, again. Link up and spread the love.

The linky is open for 24 hours only.



  1. Choose any post you are proud of OR
  2. You think could use some community love


  1. Shower blog love on at least 4 posts on Twitter from the linky using #BlogchatterSpotlight
  2. Read as many blogs as you want
  3. Comment on as many as you want

Remember a like, share, or comment will go a long way in showing your love and support. After all, engagement is a two-way street, ain’t it?

Also to gain maximum exposure and traffic, don’t forget to add your post to Blogchatter Reading List as well.

The linky is open for 24 hours. Hurry!

PS: Last time we saw that though many of you linked up, not all of you shared posts on twitter using the hashtag. So from this time, we’ll be keeping track and sending reminders in case you link-up but don’t share the love.