It’s said, “If you want romance, read a book.” and the love that a book gets is often unconditional and more often, lifelong. And if that book talks about romance, then more often than not, you might end up in deep trouble by the end of it, as there are no solitude more profound than the ones between a lonely soul and a book waiting to be discovered.

Kanchana Banerjee is an author who is well known for her proficiency in regaling us with tales that overflow with love and beg to be felt within the soul. So, it was only natural that we organized a Twitter chat with her on “writing romance” on the occasion of Blogchatter Writing Festival on March 10th, 2018.

The chat began with the one question that we, as readers can seldom do without in any conversation. Kanchana was asked which her favorite romance novel was and like any ardent reader, she spoilt us with some interesting classics. Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations were among her favorites, especially for portraying “difficult, tortured love.”

Our community answered with some of their favourite classics:

And then, the discussion moved on to the nuances of writing romance, first speaking about the most important aspects of a romantic story. And again, Kanchana and our community were steadfast in confessing that any love story would be incomplete without a fair share of pain and hurt.

Here’s Pratikshya’s answer:

And as Kanchana rightly says, any story is incomplete without a little struggle!

Then the question arose, from where should a romantic story begin, from the protagonist, the central conflict or an unexplored real dilemma? While there were slightly differing views, a general consensus was reached that rather than any specific element, anything that created an impact in the reader’s mind would be enough, just like for any piece of fiction.

And our community couldn’t agree more! Ravish agreed:

But again, how exactly could we figure out what should be the element that hooks the reader, asked Rashi and here was Kanchana’s answer:

And then she added some more pearls of wisdom:

After that, the chat moved on to the question that had been lingering in the minds of both writers and readers alike, “How important is sex in a romance story?” Is it merely an element used for attracting readers, or is it an elemental part of romantic fiction? In Kanchana’s opinion: 

Agreeing with Kanchana’s point of view, was Tarang saying there is a difference between sex and sensuality.

The chat then moved on to the last part, a discussion about how exactly to create unforgettable characters, something that is relevant for all writers, irrespective of their genres. Kanchana (and the rest of our community agreed with her) opined that that could be achieved by making them ‘real’ that you could find in daily life, probably by drawing inspiration from people around you, so that you could give them quirky habits, the annoying features and the distinct physical characteristics that could actually make them unforgettable.

And here is Dixita’s echoing the sentiment:


How to Write Romance Twitter Chat with Kanchana Banerjee was one of our sessions at Blogchatter Writing Festival. We have many more different author-sessions planned ahead under this. You can screenshot the below schedule: