We meet again. With yet another list of winners from our ever awesome community.

If you remember a couple of months back we held an extensive campaign around KFC Add HOPE where spread message of joy and giving back to society in multiple ways – Add Hope being one such leg of our efforts.

So here we go – proceeding without losing a minute to our List of Winners (TWELVE OF THEM !)

  1. Akshini Bhatnagar
  2. Bushra
  3. Eshita Dey
  4. Venice Rowe
  5. Dixita Mour
  6. GC Media
  7. Mommy’s Timeline
  8. Abhishek
  9. Saumy Nagayach
  10. Karan Varma
  11. Romila
  12. Shankar

The winners will soon be sent KFC vouchers from our side ! If you missed winning today then let us assure you that in times to come there is so much to planned you cannot not win with us.