Kiki is on the verge of becoming Drake’s no. 1 hit songs. Alas, we still don’t know if Kiki loves him! There’s one thing we’re sure about though – you won’t have to be singing this song to get your blog posts some love.

When Drake couldn’t how can we, you ask?

  1. Select a blog post of yours that needs some love.
  2. Link it in the linky below and add it to the Reading List as well, to make sure Kiki know exactly how much you love her.

Don’t leave others wondering whether people love their posts. How?

  1. To make sure that that doesn’t happen, share at least 4 posts on Twitter using the hashtag #BlogchatterSpotlight.
  2. Don’t forget to read them.
  3. Your valuable feedback on their posts is much needed too.

After this, we are sure you won’t be asking Kiki or anyone if they love your posts. Your page views will speak for itself. But hurry up, this linky is open for 24 hours only.