In 1980, California’s tiny coastal town witnessed strange things as an eerie iridescent fog descended over it threatening the lives of its people.

That is the storyline of a famous horror movie. But what is more terrifying is that this has become a reality in Delhi and other metro cities. We hear the erratic weather screaming #LetsUniteAgainstPollution

Image source: Outlook India

The Nightmare Called Pollution

It is indeed horrific when nightmares that are only seen in movies become true and we have nobody to blame but ourselves. Are we turning our green planet into a huge gas chamber, a hookah bar, as people say? We have, and now we can’t step out into the city without protective masks. What would be the condition of people suffering from respiratory and other chronic illnesses, heaven knows.

Apocalyptic Future is here Already

The Fog is certainly back, and is taking the planet for a toss to the worst. The apocalyptic future we were dreading is already here. There’s no ‘action for the future’ to be taken, but action right now, if we want to survive.

As of today, Delhi sees the beginning of the third odd-even car rationing scheme. Pollution levels reached an unbearable height, wreaking havoc everywhere and this is to be continued until November 15th. It will be extended if the pollution levels show no signs of improvement. The cost of violating this rule is Rs. 4000. Pretty small price, considering the damage that has already been done.

Spring into Action Fellow Warriors

But is this enough? Environmentalists have since long been talking about sharing transportation, using more of public transport, choosing healthier options, disposing off waste in ways that are not so harsh on the planet, but why do we wait until extreme conditions to actually spring into action?

It is the beginning of a war against pollution, a war that has smoke, fog and chemicals even without the use of guns and bombs.

We are warriors in this battle so #LetsUniteAgainstPollution and make saving our planet a daily affair, not just in emergencies.