We had an eye-opening chat on video blogging, something which is new to most of us but isn’t exploring and learning an integral part of our lives? The good thing about the Blogchatter community? Everyone has a unique opinion on the topic being discussed and to add icing to the cake every active member participates! This chat was no different!

We were graced by community members from all over the country & what would they like to see on video? Some interesting answers there!

Who doesn’t love learning yummy recipes on the Internet? My 68 year old mum does just that on Facebook and I must say her culinary skills have become exceptional kudos to some great  Indian food vloggers!

The USP of Vlogging: what makes the beast so attractive compared to the “written word?”

Agree with you Reema, lazy because sometimes it’s hard to visualize what’s described in a book or an article thus the enjoyment in seeing a video!

Ah yes the small fonts, the reason for my glasses and the countless hours of strained eyes!

Does video contribute to building a better personal brand or a blog? That was next thing on our platter… it does only if shot in a way that attracts the viewer and immerses them in newer experiences apart from what’s already on the said person’s blog. Most of the community also felt that “video” is more personal and quickly establishes a connection between the viewer and the brand.

A writer selling content with the help of video. Is that a viable approach to monetize written content? Here’s how the community answered to this rather tricky question.

The kind of mass appeal “Doctor Who” has! Think on those lines! Will your video garner the same mass appeal?

Fairly simple equation here: happy viewers=more subscribers! So what makes a viewer happy and make them want to watch a video till the end or binge watch your whole playlist?

Yup they should be breathtakingly interesting and we are sure upcoming vloggers from our community would do just that, keep their future audiences hooked.

Amen to that Mrs Mommy! Why isn’t there a campaign to completely remove adverts from all the streaming sites in the world, why! *shouts at the computer*

It’s important that the art of storytelling isn’t lost in a vlog. Being tech-savvy can help you deliver a great one, “After all we are all stories in the end, just make it a good one.”- the Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who).

And now it is prediction time….summoning twitter folk to predict the future of vlogging, is it bleak? Only the Twi-folk can tell!

Well writing will always be a content creator’s first love. But going by the massive positive response, and the advent of IGTV, we certainly hope video becomes a handy weapon in a creator’s arsenal (no not the football club). 

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