We have been talking some really serious stuff lately on our chats so to lighten things up and also to get some gyan the laid-back way, we discussed the life skills that are must-have in this vibrant, diverse, rapidly changing millenial world. 

First-up, the world should just be world, why use the prefix millenial? Confidence, ambition, achievement are the buzzwords here along with a high level of digital connectedness never seen before. This generation seems to have it all sorted, or do they? Are there some life skills that are needed to step-up their game?

Life Skills in the Millennial World

On Wednesday, June 12, we started our chat by asking people what is their favourite trend on (where else!) internet. Memes got the highest vote with Dr Amrita Misra saying that memes are cute and grab attention. Suchita added that memes show how creative people really can be. A few (oldies ;)) said they did not follow any trends!

The conversation moved on to challenges in navigating today’s world. We agreed that in the online world, fake is the new real. Neha Sharma says that the virtual world can be very overwhelming and it can be difficult to keep one’s real identity intact. Prateek Mathur says that our lives are like self perpetuating bubbles, difficult to penetrate. Oh yes, time to lecture the youth over their obsession with the apps and the filters.

We discussed the life skills that people lack. Brindha says communication and being non judgmental are important. Ginia says tolerance is at an all time low. Sandeep Bohra opined that self awareness is declining rapidly. It seems our community is full of people propagating peace, love and respect.

When it comes to life skills related to our professions, Bohemian Bibliophile lists diligence, tenacity and creative thinking. RBR thinks that openess to move forward can be a great asset in our professional lives. Aishwarya puts communication skills as most important.

PS: Life skills are important even for us bloggers who spend most of our life online. Watch Apoorva, an HR professional with 15 years of diverse experience, as she explains to us how we can network and create a good first impression.

When asked what helps you drown the static, Prateek votes for earphones and YouTube! Venkataramen Ganeshan goes the tried and tested way of walk and laugh. ‘Laugh away the stupidity and walk away the stress’…quite a quote, that one! Listening to music tops the list for Shruti.

Talking of one needed life skill, Geethica voted for patience above everything else. Deepika wished for a more practical approach to life. On a very philosophical note, Bohemian Bibliophile wants to have the virtue of letting go.

Wrapping up the chat and on asking whether anyone in the community would be interested in adulting classes, many of us missed the point. We were inundated with questions on what is adulting? Psst, many thought it was some new course we were starting. Ahem, looks like we really need classes 😉 The ones who were clued in just wanted to stay their fun lovin’ self.

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