Squill bulb, murtlap tentacle…all six ingredients added. Stir…stir…stir…a swish of the wand…Felixempra! Nothing happened? No luck in concocting the liquid luck potion? Of course not.

But, never mind, because we bring to you the right way to get lucky on your blog today with Spotlight Saturday, your very own batch of liquid luck.

Recipe for this potion (you don’t have to go searching for tentacles or anything…):

  1. Select a blog post of yours that you want drizzled with liquid luck
  2. Link it in the linky below, also in the Reading List, because a little extra dose of luck can do no harm

You got the potion, how about letting others have a sip too?

  1. Share at least four other posts on Twitter with the hashtag #BlogchatterSpotlight
  2. Read posts too, don’t just share
  3. Your post is doused in golden luck, wouldn’t it be nice if others’ was too?

This potion expires in 24 hours. Drink up before it’s too late…