“Me? My book on Amazon? You’ve got to be kidding me!! Right?”

But we’re not!

Getting your book listed on Amazon can be a dream come true. Some of our mentors who got their books listed shared with us their journey, the ups and downs of this entire process and here is what they had to say. We hope it helps you to have a vision for yourself beyond Blogchatter Ebook Carnival.

The word publish reminds us of the struggle to get the right publisher! Be more than prepared to get rejected. Rejection is normal, selection is something unique. Keep trying and invest in a good synopsis. Some of us like to self-publish because doing everything on your own is a very special feeling. If you choose to opt for self-publishing then a professional editor is a must. We all have flaws that only a second person can point out.

After publishing of course a certain amount of promotion is required on social media to get your book in the limelight. Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are ideal platforms. Blogchatter helps by providing steps to set up a Goodreads Author’s page which is a blessing to readers and writers. You can gain access to a lot of newsletters, very active beta-reading and reviewing groups etc. Ebook giveaways can also be organized over there. These work wonders.

Ebooks on Amazon have a good market because they promote on Kindle. Kindle Create is a downloadable software that accepts word files and lets you see how the Ebook would look in different devices: tablet, laptop, mobile, etc.  Such software can help you gain confidence of the fact that self publishing your ebook is doable.

One important factor to remember is not to target a universal audience. Be specific who your target reader is, a young collegian, middle-aged women, the elderly or kids. After some impact has been made in the field, it will be a good idea to try to visit lit fests which have now started mushrooming everywhere.

The entire journey of writing, publishing and listing your ebook is thrilling and euphoric. Putting your own creation, your own words out for the world to read and savour is simply a wonderful challenge that has just begun. Don’t put on your seat-belts. Go out there and enjoy every bit!

If you need more information on the subject, here’s the link to the official KDP page.